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Personalized Halter Font Styles

BLOCK FONT is always done in all caps.  It is the plainest, most common, easy to read font.  


Calligraphy lettering may be done in all caps  or just capitalize the first letter of each word. All caps are easier to read and the letters are larger.   If any name contains letters that dip below with writing line, like g, j, p, q, y, we will have to adjust and make the lettering smaller.  (notice how "Drifter" appears smaller.)  If lettering is being done on an overlay, the letters are reduced even more to fit on the overlay.   I advise using all caps if you want to clearly be able to read the monogram, but do offer it with the lower case option


Script Lettering is done with only the first letter of each word in caps.  Letter sizes are adjusted smaller if there are letters in the name that go above or below the writing line ( g, j, p, q, y). This font ends up being the smallest of all. The capital script I, T and Z may not look as you'd expect, so if your name includes a capital I or T or Z, ask to see a sample of what they look like before deciding.



MINI SALOON:   A decorative, old-fashioned stitch done in all caps. Please do not select this font if your name has a "K" in it, as the K is hard to distinguish from an H.  We can do this font all in UPPER CASE or in Upper & Lower case.


We have many other fonts, but have found that those listed above meet most needs.  If you have a favorite font not listed above, please contact me to see if we can use it for you. 

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