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Personalized Halters, Monogrammed Halters, Gifts for Horse Lovers
Maryann Walls says, "The halters are a hit!  Everyone wants to know where I got them!"  9/10/2016Maryann Walls says, "The halters are a hit!  Everyone wants to know where I got them."
"I work at a therapeutic riding center.  Clyde was one of our horses.  He chose me and we had a great couple of years.  He was onld when he came to us and had had a strenuous life.  At 18 hands, he was our gentle giant.  We wish we had another horse with her temperament and personality!  I wore my keepsakes to work to show everyone.  they were very impressed with your work.  Some said they had saved hair that they always wanted to do this with and were now going to have to find it.  I hope they do, so I can send them to  you.  Thank you for your quality work and generosity."  D. Kroeger 2/8/16    

"I just received the custom halter I ordered and I am absolutely in love with it!  Your sizing chart was very very helpful, and the red/black combo looks beautiful on my mare.  I can't stop bragging about your work to everyone at the barn - Thank you!" Emily P.  1/24/16




I LOVE how this turned out! I'm attaching a picture of my handsome boy (Amado)

and his handsome halter.  Wendy Edgar  3/18/14"

"I am so beyond impressed with the in-person result! The attention to color and detail blew me away. The friend I bought it for was shocked with the surprise. I'm actually going to order one for myself, so I'll get photos to you soon! Thank you so much Cathy!" A.Robertson 1/30/14



"Cathy ,

I wanted to let you know that I received both of the bracelets yesterday and put mine on immediately.  I absolutely love it and have already called to tell my friend about your bracelets.  I will be ordering another one soon to include all three horses.  It is really hard deciding which braiding and which bracelet; they are all so beautiful.  The extra surprise was so nice.  It's not often that anyone does anything extra.  It really touched my heart and put a smile on my face. 
Thank you again!!!!!  Everything was so easy and so fast.  Sue Huber"  1/5/2013


Hi Cathy, just wanted you to know the Black halter for Angel fit perfect.I love the black because it almost disappears on her. Thanks again Carol & Angel 11/15/12

"I wanted to let you know that I received the keyring and could not be happier.  It’s gorgeous and perfect. My daughter is going to love it!  You outdid yourself!   Thanks,  Colleen Patsavas" 10/22/12

"Absolutely love my bracelet!!!  Now my horse is always with me!!!  What beautiful work you do, will probably order a necklace soon with my left over hair, will recommend you to everyone I know!!!  And, received so much faster than I expected, and thank-you for the great communication!  Can't say enough!   Thanks again!  Lori" 10/22/12


Cathy- I just received My Bracelet, & Oh My Gosh I can’t believe How beautiful it is!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to wear it, I want to go  out tonight just so I can wear it!! I love it soooo much.   I looked at what seemed like a hundred  sites for Bracelets & I am so glad I found yours! Thank you- thank you -thank you.  & The Awesome surprise of the keychain was totally so thoughtful. . . If any of my Horse friends ask I will totally be sending business your way!! Thanks Again Malia, Cutter & Bacardi 9/17/12

Thank you! The bracelet is beautiful and made my grandma cry she was so happy!  9/4/12 

8/28/12     I just wanted to thank you for the fine job you did on my bracelet for my deceased horse "Duke". Please tell you "braider" how pleased I was with her work. I did not give her much to work with on that short piece of mane hair. She did an incredible job.

   Duke was supposed to be my endurance horse but we never got to make a ride together. I bought another Tennessee Walker and made a 25 mile endurance ride on him last week. As I told you I would do, I took Duke's bracelet along with me on the ride. I know Duke was not really on the ride with me, but the symbolism pleased me. Thank You So Much!  Wayne W." (Wayne had purchased a VINCENT bracelet, like the one shown below.)


8/22/12 "I received my sign today and it is beautiful...  You did an awesome job on the painting of my horse.  It looks just like him!  I can't wait to hang it on his stall door.  Thank You so much..."Candi DeLizio

And this comment on a popular blog:  MISTY's bracelet 

8/21/12 "The plaques were absolutely beautiful and perfect. Thank you so much again. We'll be ordering several more over the coming year, and will probably order even bigger ones!  Sue M.  


 6/22/12 "I just wanted to let you know my mother received her sign and she loves it! It is the envy of her wing of the barn. Thank-you for the beautiful piece, Hailey "

4/25/12 "Thank you so much. I will recommend you to anyone wanting a custom halter. Great communication, and great products.  A. Reeves"

 4/23/12  I got this note from a customer whose halter had  mistakes on it.  She spelled the horse's name wrong on the order and I did the embroidery in the wrong color!   I re-did her halter at no charge.    " I can see we both made mistakes, and you will get extra barn kudos, actually already have, for helping not only satisfactorily, but expeditiously.   Thanks very much, Noelle    PS: You made a customer - not a sale."



"She LOVED them. She was crying. She lost her horse to an aneurism a little over a month ago. . .  
Shari noticed and loved every detail of the bracelet and keychain, down to the heart clasp,
the tube beads and the flawless craftsmanship.... My clients gave me a horsehair bracelet a few
years ago and Shari came up and said "That's not fair!" I said "What?" She said "This is
SO MUCH better than what we gave you." All through tears of course cuz she loved it so much.
I'm sure you get stories like this all the time and I'm sure every one appreciates the time,
effort and quality that you and everyone on your team puts into each item. Thank you so much!"
K. Martin 2/13/12


"I have been grateful to your past customer service with orders.  I recently had one of the personal portraits on stone done for my dearest friend.  I have  a rescue mare.  A former Premarin mare.  My friend has her surviving foal.  He is now a few years old and talented.  She adores him despite her claims she'd never spoil a horse, she babies him =).  The portrait was stunning.  I wish Christmas was closer because I cannot wait to give it to her.  The cost is so minimal for such a wonderful keepsake.  I keep you on myu "favorites".  Your quality and customer service are out of this world.  Thank you!  Jennie Levesque"  11/24/11

"I just received my bracelet today and I almost cried with joy. You did a AMAZING job, it is absolutely beautiful, it is everything that I could've hoped for and I just had to say thank you for everything you've done for me. Definitely the best thing I could've done. Thank you soo much I love it. Thank you all for your hard work, I can't express my gratitude enough. It is incredibly beautiful.     Thank you, Elisha Burke" 10/23/11 Elly got the custom horsehair bracelet style "Hudson"

" I got my halter in the mail today.......I LOVE IT!!!! i think its so adorable and it fits perfectly............my horses thank you for the treats too! Reilly"  9/29/11

I received my little monogrammed halter yesterday and it is adorable!  Thank you so much for your expert advice and the quick service!  I will definitely be recommending your web site to all of my friends!  (the red/black halter monogrammed with "Missy" and P.H.)  9/29/11

Thanks again,

Sharon Johnson


"Love my bracelet, love the stall sign and both horses are gorgeous in their new halters!As if your products aren't great enough, you customer service is fabulous!Thanks Cathy!
Shelley F."  8/2/11

"Thanks for the beautiful halter.  Your handiwork is very much appreciated.. . Here is a photo of my niece, Megan, with her new fancy halter. Now all the kids in the barn want one and I'm sending them to you!  Thanks so much, Laura H."  3/30/11

 Here's Kompletely Krimsun, daughter of One Hot Krymsun, in her new halter.  

"The owner loves it!" R. Bailey 12/20/10
Photo by equinefotography.com
2010 #2 AQHA Leading Sire of Open Performance Winners 2
009 AQHA Superhorse Sire!
I'm very happy with the way the first one turned out. . this one will be a gift.
I might be ordering at least three more later on - another mini for our barn
owner, and well... two more full size for mine! Ha! Don't get me wrong, I love
the classy halters with plates on them, but the first thing my Appaloosa did to
is was rub it on a cement wall - insta-ruin. The embroidery is just so much
more hardy,
nowhere near as easy to mistake a halter because the name fell off.
They just stay nicer, longer. And you have a very nice color selection. Love
love love the halters." Nancy Porter 1/22/11

Hi, I just wanted to let you know I received the ornaments. I was a little
worried at first, since the post office did not appear to respect the
Fragile/handle with care instructions on the box, but they all arrived
without a scratch. They are absolutely stunning! The detail is amazing and
 they are so customized I can't wait to give them to their respective owners.
 I am so impressed with the artist and with the excellent customer service
you have provided. Now that I know about you, I will be sure to order more
in the future. Thanks for having such open communication and the refund
on the shipping. Be sure to give my compliments to the artist, and thank
you again for everything!
Katie Greenfield 12/15/10


"I received the ornaments I ordered today, and I was completely blown away, as was the rest of my family. They are so beautiful - she really captured each horse's personality. They look just like the photographs. Absolutely outstanding! They will be amazing Christmas gifts!


Just wanted to say thank you so much for the fantastic job! -Brianna" 12/13/10


'Cathy it's perfect!! Did you ever have a gift you just couldn't wait to give someone? Well this is it for me..thank you...Jennifer" 12/5/10


I was just sorting through some of the items that I received for donations for our upcoming Holiday Party auction, and looked again at the halter & lead you sent. I didn't notice the sleigh bells on the noseband the first time I looked at it.  It's absolutely ADORABLE!!!  J. Spransy - SE Wisc. Mini Equine Club  11/21/10


"Oh!!!!!My gosh!!!!!!!!! I love it Cathy!!!!! It was more than I could ever have imagined. It's a really special gift and it made me want to cry because I know how much he is going to love it! It's really neat to see something

you envisioned come out so good. You were so wonderful and I hope to order
more halters from you in the future. Thank you so much for everything.
Hailey Webb" 9/2/10

"It is SO Pink, it's exactly what I wanted, thanks!"  Serena & Roxie 4/2/10


"We love our new halter! Thank you so much!  It's perfect on her!" C. Butler 11/29/09

The Herndon's were "tickled" with their new halter for Pride's Black Shadow. 8/17/09

The Mertesdorf's horses are all dressed up in their partriotic red/white/blue for the next parade. 

Custom rope and nylon halters from of Uniquely Equine.




" They fit perfect and they seem very comfortable wearing them.  I love them
and hope
to order different colors in the future. I think the halters look really
sharp and so do
the alpaca.  They love to admire themselves in the mirrors.  
I'm very happy with your
halters, they're comfortably,light weight and 
wash-up great.  When they get dirty, I 
throw them right in the washing
machine and they come out like new.  Thanks again!  

  Julie H. 4/2/09"

 "It looks so nice, everyone is so impressed with it - my trainer is actually building a boarding barn
and he says when he's ordering stall signs he's going to look you up!  Sandie loves her new sign, thanks
again! Stefanie
B. 3/6/09"

" I just got the halter and I am amazed!! Its even more perfect than I expected!! The colors

are vibrant, the nylon is flexible and the hardware is super sturdy! Its a good thing I got it

personalized  - otherwise I'd be tempted to keep it!! Thank you SOOO much for making such

a great quality gift that will come close to expressing my gratitude. I'll definitely spread the

word of your great products!!  Sincerely, Lynn P"  2/9/09

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled Carrie was with her embroidered Petey birthday

gifts and to thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into making them so special. 

I�ve had to wash her sweatshirt while she sleeps because she hasn�t taken it off since she opened

it!  She�s already been looking on your website for more things to embroider his picture on so

that her entire life can continue to evolve around her horse!  She�s the envy of the barn and

she is just thrilled.  Thanks again!  We�ll be in touch.  Kelley K"  1/19/09


"I just got the halter and I am amazed!! Its even more perfect than I expected!!

The colors are vibrant, the nylon is flexible and the hardware is super sturdy!

Its a good thing I got it personalized  - otherwise I'd be tempted to keep it!!

Thank you SOOO much for making such a great quality gift that will come close to expressing my gratitude. I'll definitely spread the word of your great products!! 
Sincerely, Lynn P." 2/9/09



" i have one of your halters, and i have recommended you a bunch of times. The halter i

ordered from you about 2 years ago is in AMAZING condition, and the monogramming

hasn't fallen apart at all! its the only halter i use!

Thank you! Hannah" 2/8/09


"Dear Cathy,

Yesterday, received the collars that I ordered and they are breath-taking. I originally

ordered three in August for my mom�s birthday gift and she loved them so much that

she asked for collars for the rest of her dogs for Christmas. She is a breeder of Golden

Retrievers for the conformation ring and is very picky about her dogs� health and

apparel. The dogs used to never wear collars since they are micro chipped.  But since

I bought her the collars, the dogs are never without them. Your collars are amazing

and stand up beautifully to our very rough dogs.

 I originally found your site when I ordered a halter for my horse, Starbuck. He loves

his halter. You can expect to be seeing more orders in the future for his and the dogs�

monogrammed apparel. Your quality of craftsmanship and amazing service to your

customers has earned you customers for life.

Attached are photos of a few of your satisfied customers:

1.        Starbuck sporting his beautiful halter

2.       Amica�s Treasure the Journey (Gem) wearing her collar for the first time

3.       AKC Champion Gower�s Scentimental Journey (Journey) wearing her collar, though you can hardly see it.

4.       Amica�s Journey Nothin Comes Close (Bliss) also wearing her collar for the first time

 From all of us at Amica Goldens,

Thank you,

 Lindsay Nieman & Mia Nieman

Cisco, Sam, Ace, Secret, Journey, Sasha, Mocha, Will, Bliss, and Gem & Starbuck


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