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Personalized Halters, Monogrammed Halters, Gifts for Horse Lovers

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About Us

About Us

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Animal Print Trims

Animal Print Trims
Horse halters with animal print trims

Clothing Monograms

We create YOUR custom horse design or select from Hundreds of horse designs in stock.
We'll create your own horse design from a photo of your horse & embroider it onto items of your choice.

Contact Us

Contact Us
Uniquely equine gifts

Custom Trims

Custom Trims

Horse halters with hard to find new trim options.

Decal Fonts

Decal Fonts
decal fonts

Engraved Plates

Engraved Halter Plates
Engraved halter plate in brass or nickel will help identify your halter and distinguish your horse.

Equine Foaling Kit Contents

Complete Equine Foaling Kit created by a practicing Vet
This comprehensive Equine Foaling Kit was created by a practicing Vet to help You and Your Horse.

Free Foaling Tips

Foaling tips
Foaling tips written by an equine vet


Customer Review Guidelines

Halter Hardware

Halter Hardware
horse halter hardware

Halter Lifetime Guarantee

Nylon Halter Lifetime Guarantee
nylon halter lifetime guarantee

Halter Samples

Halter Samples
monogrammed horse halters, personalized horse halters

Horse First Aid Kit

Horse First Aid Kit, Foaling Kits and Trail first aid kits created by practicing Vet for YOU!
These custom made equine kits were created by a practicing Vet for you and your horse.

Horze Colors Fonts Sizing

Horze Colors/Fonts/Sizing

Hours Of Operation

Hours of Operation

Howd We Do

How'd We Do?

Kb Horsehair Braids

custom horsehair jewelry, horsehair bracelet

Kw Braids

KW Braids & Options
We understand your passion for your special horse. Our products aren't just horsehair jewelry, they are cherished mementos of your favorite horse which should be reflect how special they were.

Lead Rope Colors

Custom Made Lead Rope Colors
Select from many custom lead rope colors to coordinate with your new custom rope halter.


Link Page to Other Horse-Related Sites
horse-related links, horse sites,horse classifieds

Monogram Fonts

Uniquely Equine Monogram Font Styles - 5 Shown - Many more available
monogrammed halters, award halter, halter colors

Personalized Halter Colors

Great Price $29.99 On Sale! Uniquely Equine choose from 17 halter colors
nylon halter, horse halter, personalized halter, monogrammed halter, livestock halter, halter ordering tips

Premium Rope Halter/lead Colors

Premium Rope Leads/Matching Halter Colors

Product Review Success

Product Review Successful

Rc Colors

Wrap Colors

Rope Halter Colors

Rope Halter Colors
rope halter colors, lead rope colors, rope halter sizing

Rope Halter Sizing

Rope Halter Sizing
rope halter

Rope Products Measuring

Uniquely Equine Custom Rope Halters - made to fit YOUR horse!
Numerous colors & options to get just the custom rope halter you need for your horse. For pleasure or training, we have your fit!

Round Pen Reasoning

"Round Pen Reasoning" by Sue Karges, with permission
Round pen reasoning

Satisfied Customers

Satisfied Customers
Horses are your passion. Here is how our customer feel about the custom horse gifts they have purchased.

Shipping Charges

Shipping Charges

Sizing Information

Monogrammed Halter Sizing Info helps get just the size you need for your special horse.
monogrammed halters, monogrammed horse halters, custom horse halters, personalized halters

Stall Sign Fonts

Custom Stall Signs, Stall Name Plates
Hand crafted wood horse stall signs may include a photo or painted portrait of YOUR horse

Stall Sign Fonts Samples

Stall Sign Fonts/Samples
custom stall sign, horse stall sign, stall nameplate

Store Policies

Store Policies


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Your Horse

Visit now & see what we can create from a photo of YOUR horse!
YOUR Horse in Horse Embroidery, Ceramic Horse, Stained Glass Horse, Laser Engraving

Store Categories

   Bags and Blankets
   Hay Bags, Bale Bags, Tote Bags, Horse Blankets, Horse Sheets, Horse Rugs

   Bridles, Headstalls
   Bridle, Headstall, personalized Bridle, Personalized Headstalls

   Custom Buckboard Benches
   buckboard bench, custom buckboard benches

   Cattle Counters
   cattle counter, personalized cattle counters

   Cattle Halters
   cattle halter, cow halters, beef halter, calf halter, newborn calf halter

   Your Horse in Ceramics
   ceramic horse, custom ceramics

   Custom Printed Shirts, Custom Printed Jackets NO MINIMUMS

   Personalized Horse Decals
   Personalized decals, personalized horse decals

     Monogrammed Dog Collars, Dog Leashes, Personalized Dog Collar, Custom Made to fit YOUR dog!
   Monogrammed Dog collars, personalized dog collars, dog leashes

   Draft horse, draft horse tack, monogrammed draft horse halter
   Draft horse, draft horse tack, monogrammed draft horse halter, draft halter

   Decorate your shirt with In Stock horse design of your choice
   Embroidery, Embroidery designs, horse embroidery design,gifts for horse lovers, embroidered shirt, embroidered jacket, embroidered vest, western embroidery

   English riding supplies

   Engraved Halter/Bridle Plates
   Engraved plates for halters, engraved bridle plates

   Equine Emergency/Foaling Aides
   horse first aid, equine first aid, horse first aid kit, foaling kit

   Just the right gift - A Horse Lover Gift Certificate for Personalized Horse Halters, monogrammed horse halters and more
   horse gift certificates, personalized horse halter, monogrammed halter,horse lover gift certificates, gift certificates for personalized horse halter
   Custom Trimmed Halters
   Custom Halter, custom trim halter, nylon halter, custom horse halter

   Economy Horse Halters
   Horse Halters, discount horse halter, cheap horse halter, race bridle, yoke and rings

   Incredible prices on premium quality personalized horse halters,monogrammed horse halter,race bridles,halter bridles,custom horse gifts
   Personalized Horse Halters, monogrammed horse halters,monogrammed halters,great gifts for horse lovers

   Custom made rope horse halters availaible in all sizes and a variety of colors.
   custom rope horse halters

   Home Decor
   intarsia, horse intarsia, ceramic horse tiles, custom horse portrait

   Custom Horsehair Jewelry, Horsehair bracelets, horse hair necklaces & Horsehair Keyrings
   Custom horsehair bracelets, custom horsehair jewelry with hand crafted sterling from YOUR own horse's hair. Affordable pricing, super selection of styles!

   Custom Horsehair Pottery
   Horsehair Pottery created from your own horse's hair

   Horse Leads "I would like to say that this was my first time ordering from Uniquely Equine. The lead rope was a gift, and I was very impressed by the promptness of delivery and quality of the product. I will recommend to others. Thank you again
   Horse leads, hand braided leads, cotton leads, cotton horse leads

   Bronc Halters, Cattle Counters, Custom Spur Straps, custom breast collars, saddle crosses
   Bronc halter, cattle counters, custom spur straps,custom breast collar, award breast collar, award breastplate,saddle cross

   Alpaca, Beef, Cow, Goat, Llama, Sheep Halters
   Alpaca Halter, Beef Halter, Cow halter, goat halter, llama halter, sheep halter

   Monogrammed Halters, Halter/Bridle Combo, Bridles, Leads and accessories
   Mini Halter, Monogrammed mini halter, mini bridle, mini horse halter

    Nag Nose Shade
    Nag Nose Shade will help prevent damage due to the harmful effects of the sun to pink or white nose of your horse.

   Your Horse in Orginal Art
   watercolor, pencil drawing, slate

   Adorable Custom Horse Ornaments featuring YOUR Horse, Custom Horse gifts
   "Cathy it's perfect!! Did you ever have a gift you just couldn't wait to give someone? Well this is it for me..thank you...Jennifer"

   Racing Tack
   race bridle, race set, yoke and rings

   Custom Made Reins
   Large Selection of Barrel reins, racing reins, mecate reins, split reins, roping reins, leather rein stops

   Saddle Crosses
   Custom saddle crosses, personalized saddle crosses, great horse show awards

   Your Horse in Stained Glass
   stained glass. stained glass horse

   Custom Horse Stall Signs
   Custom made wood stall signs engraved with YOUR horse's name - may include painted pic or photo

   Training Aids
   natural horsemanship style training equipment

   Unique treats for YOUR horse
   Mrs. Pastures Cookies for horses, horse treats, all natural horse treats,

   Your Horse in Wooden Puzzles
   wooden puzzle, horse puzzle
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