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Monongrammed Halter Ordering Tips

Sizing Information for Monogrammed Halters 

Horse/Pony Sizes 

Halters sizes vary slightly from one manufacturer to another.  Over the years, I've found the best way to determine what size you need is to measure around your horse's nose at the level that the halter will sit.   If you are purchasing the halter as a gift, there are a few ways to determine what size the horse needs.

1. Ask the owner (probably the best way, unless you want it to be a surprise). 

2.  Check the measurements of a current halter that fits

3. Ask someone close to the owner of the horse who won't give away your surprise to assist.

Horse Sized halters are often determined by the weight/height of the horse, but please double check the measurements (especially the nose) against the chart below to ensure proper fit.


Measure the current halter (Measure the entire circumference of the INSIDE of the nose/chin.), then order according to the chart below.


If you are measuring the actual horse's nose, take a snug measurement, all the way around the nose at the level that the halter should sit.  THEN ADD 1" to 2" for comfort~and sometimes for winter coats.  If in doubt, better to go an inch larger than too small.


The measurements below are taken on the inside of the halter, with the halter laying flat as shown in the photo:

monogrammed halter measurements


NOTE:  The measurements in the chart are actual halter measurements.  If you measured your horse's nose, be sure to add 1-2" to that measurement to allow for comfort/winter coats/ 

Halter Size Weight Crown/Throat Nose/Chin
Basic Yearling 400-600 34-36 23
Adj. Yearling 400-600 34-36 21-23
Basic Average/Cob 600-900 36-38 24
Adj. Average/Cob 600-900 36-38 23-25
Basic Large 900-1200 38-40 26
Adj. Large 900-1200 38-40 24-26
Basic XL 1200-1500 40-42 30
Adj. XL 1200-1500 40-42 27-29
Basic Draft 1400-1700 41.5-46 31.5
Basic Draft XL 1700-2000 34
Basic Pony 31-32 19
Arabian Average 600-900 33-35 19
Arabian Large 900-1200 35-39.5 21

Halter/Bridle Bit to Bit Measurements


Pony & Mini:  28" 

Horse:  34" to 45"

Draft:  48" to 54"


Miniature Horse Sizing

MINI ADJ - Personalized Adj. Mini Horse Halter

Sizes listed below (except XS) come in a fixed length nose/chin (Basic), as well as an adjustable nose/chin.  

Probably the most important measurement on these halters is the circumference of the nose/chin.  If we can get a good fit there, the rest of the halter should be fine. I highly recommend the adjustable halters, since they allow for an even better fit in this area. Whether you are purchasing the mini halter as a gift or you are the miniature horse owner, I do recommend we go by the actual measurements.   The measurements shown below are actual halter measurements taken on the inside of the halters.  You will probably want to order a halter that is at least an inch larger than your actual nose measurement and not more than 2".

NOTE:  Names may be placed on nose or cheeks.  Since cheeks are usually under 4" of monogrammable space, please limit to 3-5 spaces of lettering.


Crown/Throat Nose/Chin
Mini XS Basic 16-19" 12"
Mini Yearling 19-21" 13"
Mini Yearling ADJ 19-21" 11-13"
Mini 2 Year 21-23" 14"
Mini 2 Yr. ADJ 21-23" 12-14"
Mini Adult 25.5-27" 18"
Mini Adult ADJ 25.5-27" 16-18"
Mini XL Basic 26.5-28" 19"
Mini XL ADJ 26.5-28" 17.5-19"

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