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Equine Foaling Kit

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The EquiFoaling Kit is to aid you in helping your mare and newborn during the birthing process.  This handy kit contains what Dr. Alaire Smith, DVM, believes to be the 'necessary' items you should have close by when your mare foals.  Kept by the house door or near the stall, along with a big towel, this convenient kit might just ease some of the stress we all feel at foaling time. 

The medical supplies in the EquiFoalingKit™ are identical to the items Doc Alaire recommends to her horse clients who are preparing for the delivery of a foal.  Doc Alaire used her 17 years of experience as an equine veterinarian in the creation of her line of EquiKits™ Emergency Med Kits. An EquiFoalingKit™ will assure you'll be prepared and organized. No panicky search for supplies or precious minutes lost! Just your EquiFoalingKit™ and a large clean towel and you'll be ready!

Grab and go case: Unlike the duffel style kits that can mildew and may compromise your supplies over time the EquiFoalingKit™ uses an easy-to-clean, clear-sided plastic box with snap-lid and carry handle, to keep items clean, dry, visible, and organized. The carry handle lets you maintain a firm grip with one hand and manage the phone or other needed items with your free hand.

Arrives ready to use: Some items have been unwrapped and readied for quick use, batteries installed, and excess packaging removed. There is additional room in the carry case to include your own supplies that you might feel handy at foaling time.

Affordable AND complete: You want a 'foaling kit' which is affordable but also has the 'correct mix' of good quality and in-date supplies for your mare when she is ready to foal.

Key info. for our Foal Babies:** The Orange Fleet Enema which I have included in the EquiFoalingKit™ - Unlike nearly every foal kit I have seen on the internet and in equine catalogs, I ONLY recommend a MINERAL OIL-based enema for newborns, NOT water/saline!! Why? Because a saline-based enema is harsher and works by drawing water out of the gut to cause evacuation. This upsets the hydration balance of our newborns who are less than one day old (they are pretty fragile at this point in their little lives!). A MINERAL OIL-based enema is gentle and causes NO harm, and 'gets the job done' without effecting 'things' systemically. A MINERAL OIL-based enema as found in the EquiFoalingKit™, will NOT interfere with hydration of our babies. Frankly, the saline-based enema products are generally less costly for the Seller!

Key info. for our Mares:     **Just a reminder - to contact your veterinarian if your mare demonstrates vaginal discharge and/or premature udder development or begins leaking milk well before her due date, as these can be warning signs of placental disease and a possible compromised pregnancy.

Contains 41 carefully chosen items: You will find that the EquiFoalingKit™ goes well beyond what is found in many other horse foaling kits. All products with expiration dates in the EquiKit™ will be good for a minimum of one year.

In addition to the items contained in the kit, she has included valuable information from the American Association of of Equine Practitioners titled, "Foaling Mare and Newborn, Preparing For a Safe And Successful Foal Delivery", as well a a helpful reading list on foaling, which she highly recommends.

It's an exciting time!  All of the watching and waiting, and then all of a sudden (at a bit past midnight). . .the foal arrives. . .quickly!  It's nice to have these foaling items nearby in case you need any or all of them.

As always, discuss these foaling items with your own veterinarian. 

The EquiFoaling Kit is intended for use by adults. It is not meant to take the place of professional care, only to provide you with the ordinary supplies you may need during a normal delivery or until your Vet arrives.

Contents List - Return Policy - Additional Information

We know your lives are busy and you may not have the time or resources to compile all of these items yourself.  We've done it for you and brought them all together in a handy plastic carrying case.

I noramlly ship Parcel Post, but you may choose the option of expediting with Priority Mail (2-3 days), if you wish, for slightly more.

The EquiFoaling Kit weighs 4 lbs. 2 oz. including the carrying case.

15" Long x 9 5/8" Wide x 9 5/8" deep. 


"Thank you so much, the kit is excellent!" Y. Farnsworth 3/23/14 


Price:  $96.99 - $110.99


$96.99 - $110.99

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