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California Trail Rider Nose Shade

Product #:  NN CTR
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By popular demand, we have created the new nose shade for trail riders!  All you beautiful white & pink-muzzled horses, we have a solution to sun damaged muzzles just for you!

The Nag Nose Shade (patent pending) is a 90% UV proof shield designed to protect your horse's light or pink muzzle from the damaging effects of the sun.
Our Nag Nose Shade is constructed of a sturdy yet comfortable material that allows for the natural movement of the horse. The trail rider is designed to fit comfortably over any bridle.  The shade encircles  the horse's nostrils and mouth to ward off bugs, yet it is open enough in the back so as to not interfere with the bit or bridle.

Now available with optional sheepskin lining! 
~It stays in place well, flares away from the face, provides adequate ventilation, and is very non-irritating.
~Your horse can drink water easily.
~Keeps gnats away from nose.
~Our product is made of a 90% UV proof polycarbonate screen mesh derived from NASA reseach that is an ultra fine material with a strength 100 times greater than steel.  PolyCB2 (TM) retains flexibility, resembles standard screening and is the strongest, most durable screen available.  Mesh will not fray, puncture or tear.
~Easily washable and user-friendly!

The ability to put your horse out without the worries of sunburning or the hassles of applying sun screen is simply fantastic!
Price:  $93.95 - $112.95

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$93.95 - $112.95

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